The Goodness of PHP

PHP is the most popular and reliable server side scripting language. It is mostly used as a programming language for web development. PHP was originally created in the year 1995 and in the present context produced by the PHP group. PHP is best known as Personal Home Page. PHP commands can be embedded directly into HTML source document. It is an open source software that is released under PHP license. PHP language can be deployed on almost all web servers and can stand alone on almost every operating system and platform.

Though there are several scripting languages for developers, PHP is the most relied and trusted one. Even though developers take into account many different languages for developing purpose, PHP is the most demanded one. Apart from the fact that knowing PHP opens financial opportunities, there are certain significant reasons as t why developers prefer PHP as their scripting language.

  • Simple and easy to learn and implement: Learning PHP scripting is one of the easiest, since PHP syntax has similarities with C and Java. Because it’s clear and easy to understand, picking up PHP for development is fairly easy.
  • Support: PHP language lessens the trouble of being stuck with a coding issue. Since PHP is popular and widely used, finding help or documentation for PHP online is extremely easy.
  • Liberty: PHP provides a far superior freedom as compared to other scripting languages such as ASPX. Being an open source language, PHP language can be coded with any text editor Emacs, Notebook ++ or in case even just Notebook.
  • Free: PHP comes free of cost. This one particular feature is a huge benefit a developer won’t get with JPS or ASP.
  • Integration: PHP is the most widely used language for building web based applications. Because of its high integrating capacity along with any operating systems, PHP is widely used in almost every industry ranging from govt banks to large corporations.

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